Final Remarks

Civilization: The Age of Masked Gods and Disguised Kings – Volume I

Up to this point, this work researched how the ground was prepared for capitalist modernity. I have tried to show which historical developments led to the development of capitalism. One of the fundamental characteristics of the capitalist science and power structure is that it presents itself as having no history. In order to claim being the ultimate and final system, it is important to have no history and no location. But history cannot be evaded although capitalism may think it will last until the end of time—many other forces of civilization had also made similar claims. Let me just underline the main thesis of this section of my work: The state-civilization system, which came into existence on the basis of the intertwined formations of class, city and state, has multiplied itself up until the financial stage, the last phase of capitalism, basing itself mostly on the exploitation and oppression of agricultural and village communities and, later, urban workers. If the five thousand year old state-civilization is able to continue its existence in the face of democratic civilization, this will be essentially due to its ideological hegemony. Systems based on coercion and tyranny can only be successful if they have ideological hegemony. Thus, the main conflict is not only one of class division but also one at civilizational level. The historical struggle, that can be traced back to at least five thousand years, is essentially one between state-civilization and democratic civilization; the latter consisting of pre-state village and agricultural communities. All ideological, military, political and economic relationships, conflicts and struggles occur under these two main systems of civilization.

We are now ready to deal with capitalism as our next topic. In the upcoming sections of Book II, I will attempt an evaluation of my main thesis as set out above and how it is to be interpreted with regard to the Middle East and Kurdistan.

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