Call for actions on 1st of may! Revolutionary greetings from the Internationalist Commune of Rojava

Dear friends and comrades, We are facing a critical situation. The ruling powers openly declared war to the Rojava Revolution, Afrin is right now under turkish fascist occupation. At the same time the autonomous area La ZAD in Notre Dame des Landes gets harshly attacked, under attemps of occupation by a police army. Repression and […]

Salutations révolutionnaires de la Commune Internationaliste du Rojava -1er mai 2018- Défendons Afrin, défendons la ZAD.

Camarades et Ami-e-s et Complices, Ce printemps 2018 sera un moment décisif pour nos luttes. A l’heure la real politique sévit aux quatre coins du monde, et que le fascisme gagne du terrain, il est temps de passer a l’action directe et collective. Les gouvernants ont ouvertement déclaré et intensifiés la guerre réactionnaire contre la […]

Revolutionäre Kommunen aufbauen – und verteidigen! Aufruf der Internationalistischen Kommune Rojavas zu den 1.-Mai-Protesten in Berlin.

Der 1. Mai als historischer Kampftag der Arbeiter*innenklasse hat für uns als revolutionäre Linke eine große Bedeutung. Er ist ein Tag des Kampfes gegen Ausbeutung, Sexismus, Faschismus – und ein Tag, den wir über die Grenzen von Nationalstaaten hinweg gemeinsam als eine Bewegung begehen. Wir Internationalist*innen Rojavas kommen aus dutzenden verschiedenen Nationen. Unter uns befinden […]

Gallery of the commemoration act in memory of şehid Hêlîn and şehid Legerîn

Yesterday 21st April took place the commemoration act in memory of şehid Hêlîn and şehid Legerîn. The Internationalist Commune was invited to take part in the act, for present our respect and our commitment in continuing the struggle of our internationalist friends, who find the end of their live fighting in defense of the revolution […]

Şehîd Şevger Ara Makhno, Fallen in the defence of Afrin – statement from Şehîd Şevger’s anarchist comrades in Rojava

Our anarchist comrade and friend Şevger Ara Makhno arrived in Rojava on 20th January 2018 to take part in the revolution. Only the day before the army of the Turkish state and its jihadist proxies had begun the invasion of the autonomous region of Afrin, an area which had remained at peace throughout seven years […]

In the memory of şehid Sahin Hosseini (Haukur Hilmarsson)

We publish an article that first appeared on IndyMedia about the martyrdom of YPG internationalist fighter Haukur Hilmarsson, nom de guerre Sahin Hosseini, in Afrin. The sad news has come with us that our Icelandic friend and comrade Haukur Hilmarsson, nom de guerre Sahin Hosseini, has fallen in the battle of the Kurdish city of […]

The resistance is not over – Open letter after the #WorldAfrinDay

[Letter in english, translations below: spanish, french, portuguese,]   We, who are working here in Rojava as internationals, are part of the worldwide fight of the opressed against the reign of state, capital and pathriarchy. – șehid Hêlîn Qercox The #WorldAfrinDay has been a historical example of resistance and international solidarity. Thousands took to the […]

Letter to the Ş. Legerîn Çiya (Alina Sánchez) from her friends and comrades of Jineolojî Academy

[English, Spanish below] Dear family and friends of our beloved friend and comrade hevala Legerîn Çiya (Alina Sánchez), We send you our warmest greetings from Rojava – a part of Kurdistan where we have been living, working and struggling together with our friend hevala Legerîn. While all powers of the world have united to impose […]