Newsletter #08

Dear friends,

It took again some time to come up with this Newsletter. For this reason there is also much to report so we start right away with the most recent developments.

In the beginning of November we released the Book “Make Rojava Green Again”. It is available online and can be purchased here. Some days ago also the Italian translation became available. The German translation will be the next and will be available at our friends from Black Mosquito. At Black Mosquito you can also order beatiful Make Rojava Green Again T-Shirts.

One by one we will publish the book now in more languages including French, Swedish, Spanish, Greek, Turkish and Kurdish. If you want to support us by translating to another language, feel free to contact us.

Besides that for the developments here on the ground he last months were really intense and there were huge developments inside of the Interantionalist Commune of Rojava. During the end of the summer we began a huge project: A park in memory of all the internationals who fall sehid in Rojava, its name Parka Sehidên Enternasyonal.  For this constructed a whole area completly new,
putting a lot of stones as ways and borders, builded up a fountain, planted the first trees on the ground of our academy and made nice ways between the different buildings. With the
beginning of the rain season a few weeks ago, it was finished and officialy opened cominded with the big ending ceremony of our latest turn of education at the Academy Sehid Hêlîn Qerecox.

After that also many friends moved to different places in Rojava seeing and taking part in the civil works of this revolution. The people who are staying in the commune right now are focussing on
other construction works. For example to push also our ecological work we started the first big-scale planting action and now have 300 olive trees planted on one side of the academy area. The olive trees we got from a nearby tree collective. During the time of the Afrin war many saplings of olive trees were brought out of Afrin to other parts of Rojava anticipating the massive construction of olive orchards.

To be ready to have working ecological system for the reuse of water. The first practical steps, but also the research and discussion about a system for gray – and black water continued. As soon as the rain season is over we want to be ready with this!

A few weeks ago we also set up an education comitee to keep ourselves also during the time of pratical works busy with education and discussing. Also we try to go as often as possible outside of the commune to visit families and also different institutions.

On November 25, the international day for the elimination of violence against women, the autonomous women structure of the commone published a statement. Some time before already a text about patriarchy and internationalism was published. In the online version of both articles you can also find pictures of the wall paintings which we finished over the course of the last weeks. In December the autonomous structure also participated in the long march of the young women.

With excitment we followed the recent uprising under the frame of the yellow vests (gillets jaunes) movement. In the last days we where preparing a statement of the Internationalist Commune, we prepared a small video with voices from the society in Rojava and also shared the declaration of Commercy, France which we refer to in our declaration.

We also shared very good background articles within the last weeks. A analysis on internationalism and revolutionary leadership and a guest article about the struggle of the Mapuche.

An important role of our media work should be to consider the Sehids who fell in this revolution. In the battle against the Islamic state around 2 month before Şehîd Şahîn Qereçox (Farid Medjahed) fall close to the city o Hajin. Around the date of the 20th year of the death of S. Ronahi we made a small video to remember her. (Unfortunately our youtube channel has been terminated – if you have ideas how to get back all the videos please contact us)

For the content on our website we are also happy to share all the translation with you and we thank all the people translating for their effort. Besides English we have content in: French, Italian, Spanish, German, Kurmanci, Swedish, Greek, Polish and Russian . Check it out!

Especially under the perspective of a upcoming war we want to extend our efforts for media work. For this we really depend on your help – we need better equipment and for this some money. We ask everyone to consider to give a little so that we can continue our work from here and cover what is happening around us and share it with the outside world.

We would like to end our letter with emphasizing the current situation. The propaganda of the Turkish State is running very high, many forces have been moved to border, too, the statements of the Turkish politicians are clearer than ever. From here we can very clearly say: It looks like an attack on Rojava can start anytime. We, but also the society and all structures, are preparing for actually this case now. Also this is what we would what ask from all the friends of the Commune, Make Rojava Green Again and in general all the people believing in the Revolution. We will continue our media work and keep everyone updated. Also for the time it is necessary we will publish statements about the situation. For now we just would ask everyone to get prepared, talk to your friends and surrounding, think about campaigns, concrete actions, media contacts and how we can win this war!

Revolutionary Greetings

Internationalist Commune of Rojava

December 16 2018


** We are looking for translators especially for the time when things heat up here. If you can imagine to be a reliable translator. Write us your languages and availability to [email protected] .

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