“Our aim is to create an international movement able to change the capitalist drift that humanity is suffering”

On December 2017 a solidarity committe made this interview, but for different reasons, it has not been published until now. We think is nice interview for understand better the project of the Internationalist Commune of Rojava so we decided to publish it. What kind of work have you been doing so far? Before the commune, […]

“We need a revolutionary movement able to overcome all kind of oppression”

Interview with the Internationalist Commune of Rojava What is the Internationalist Commune of Rojava? The Internationalist Commune of Rojava (ICR) gathers the internationalists in Rojava and is a base for international revolutionaries working in the civil structures of Northern Syria. Since the beginning of the revolution in 2012, the philosophy the revolution is based on […]

“Self-defense is not merely picking up a weapon, it is fighting against the capitalist way of life.”

We spoke to the Internationalist Commune of Rojava “The struggle for life” in the heart of the Syrian Kurdistan. The land is dry. Temperatures reach 40ªC (104,ºF) and it’s not even July. A small town with three houses, all of them built following the local traditional way in this region – adobe and stone. A […]

Entrevista a la Comuna Internacionalista de Rojava

  Desde el inicio de la revolución de Rojava, enmarcada en un contexto de dramático conflicto bélico, muchos han sido los internacionalistas que se han desplazado a la región para apoyar las iniciativas revolucionarias que está poniendo en marcha el movimiento popular kurdo. Desde DV hemos tenido la oportunidad de realizar una entrevista con compañeros […]

„Besser als Ein- oder Zweistaatenlösung wäre eine Lösung ohne Staat“

Ein palästinensischer Internationalist in Rojava. Interview mit Baz Sor Baz Sor kommt aus Palästina und war längere Zeit in der radikalen Linken Frankreichs organisiert. Derzeit arbeitet er als Internationalist am Aufbau der „Internationalen Kommune“ im nordsyrischen Rojava mit. In Rojava entsteht mit der „Internationalistischen Kommune“ eine neue Institution für Leute, die aus dem Ausland in […]