Sociology of Freedom


Index “Passim” (literally “scattered”) indicates intermittent discussion of a topic over a cluster of pages. Abraham (patriarch), 61, 133, 163–68 passim, 173, 222, 379 Abrahamic religions, 61, 67, 70–71, 72, 162–73 passim, 340, scripture, 222. See also Christianity; God (Abrahamic tradition); Islam; Judaism Abyssinia, 55, 173 Adorno, Theodor, 199, 318 advertising, 108, 217 aesthetics. See beauty (esthetics) Afghanistan, 175,

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10.2 Moral Tasks

Moral Tasks Despite much discussion, morality is one of the social institutions that cannot really be analyzed. Regardless of the efforts to theorize it as ethics, developments in practice have been quite disappointing. That social existence is becoming increasingly devoid of morality is a common scientific finding. However, the causes and the consequences have not

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TEN – The Tasks in Rebuilding Democratic Modernity

The Tasks in Rebuilding Democratic Modernity I’m not talking about reviving some past “golden age” memories or imagining a new future “utopia.” I wouldn’t consider a proposal in either sense meaningful. Even though the mentality of societies is laden with such thoughts, these recollections and utopias are not explanations or narratives that add much of

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