YPG’s British volunteer Jack Holmes fall şehid in Raqqa

  Along with the People’s Defense Units (YPG), Jack Holmes tirelessly participated in eight military operations against ISIS terrorists in Rojava, northern Syria, including the campaign to liberate Raqqa. The city of Raqqa was officially liberated from ISIS on October 20, 2017, yet Jack who has the Kurdish nom-de-guerre Şoreş Amanos, insisted to stay in […]

Not forgiven, not forgotten – 19th anniversary of the death of Şehid Ronahî

Today is the 19th anniversary of the assassination of Şehid Ronahî (kurdish for Light), her civil name was Andrea Wolf, from the turkish state. For commemoratethis date, we added subtitles to this short documentray about her live: Her bravery, her strength and her resolution to go into a foreign country more than 20 years ago, […]

Martyr Zafer Qereçox felt in Raqqa

On July 16th of 2017, Heval Zafer Qereçox, felt fighting gangs of Daesh. We want to give our condolences to the families and pay tribute to our fallen comarade. Şehîd nemirin! Heval Zafer Qereçox, David Taylor from Florida USA Today, the hevalên of YPG Press have announced the dead of Şehîd Zafer, internationalists volunteer in […]

Martyrs Soro, Demhat and Rodi

In the name of the Internationalist Commune of Rojava, we would like pay tribute and respect for our three foreign friends who recently did the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. – Heval Demhat Goldman, real name Robert Grodt,  Californie, USA – Heval Soro Zinar,real name Luke Rutter, UK – Heval Rodie Deysie, real name Nicholas […]